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25 January 2006 @ 11:42 pm
Development theory is hard, let's go shopping  
I am taking Development theory class with Prof. Jan Nederveen Pieterse at the sociology department. It will be an interesting class, I like the material and I like Jan's way to teaching.

I realized at class today that there are several materials I need to read to understand the class readings. First of all, I need some neoclassical and Keynesian background. Also some more readings on international financial institutions (IMF, WB). Maybe I should reread _Globalization and Its Discontent_. We will read one of chapter in the class later. Also China came up a lot in today's class. Harvey's book had a chapter on Chinese neoliberalism. I got some background from there. But I think it will help if I can get some introduction to some of Deng Xiopong reformed policies (White cat, black cat: what does it matter as long as it catches mice?). What else? Well, we talked about Brazil and other south american countries. With the recent political changes at Bolivia and Chile, I think those topics will come up later in the class. oh lord, my head hurts.